Cool Media Alert!

Every week, I plan on sharing my coolest media find of the week.  This time, I’m sharing a very impressive example of stop-motion graffitti video, hooked up to a catchy rap tune (it’s from Israel, actually):...
POSTED ON: November 22, 2010     CATEGORIES: Blog

Welcome to my totally new website!

I’ve had a personal website to promote my services as a voice-over talent since 2003.  I’ve had the task “Update my website” on my “To-Do” list for, oh, about 3 years (can you relate?).  I was stuck, big time.  So, how did I get UN-stuck?  Let me share with you the simple tip that has made a radical change in my productivity.   In August 2010, I got an e-mail from an old acquaintance of mine who has a nice business as a terrific, life-changing career counselor.  As a gift for filling out a survey, he forwarded an e-mail that sure sounded like some pie-in-the-sky notion – a “Five Minute Secret That Billionaires...
POSTED ON: November 19, 2010     CATEGORIES: Blog
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