Voices on Studio

Tom founded his own broadcast-quality recording studio in 2003, and since then has recorded hundreds of radio/TV spots and corporate narrations for clients such as Shell Oil, United Airlines, Bank of America, GE and many other Fortune 1000 firms. Take a look at the video below for a peek at Tom’s studio, as well as his collection of vintage stereo gear and plastic model airplanes (he has a very understanding wife…).
Tom can deliver your audio in the format of your choice in 24 hours or less. He has Source Connect and ipDTL as software alternatives to ISDN. He is also able to use a reliable bridging service to connect with another studio’s ISDN codec, at no additional fee.
Tom’s primary mics are the Sennheiser 416 for radio/TV work, and the Gefell M930 used mostly for corporate and e-Learning narrations. The mics are powered by a UK boutique preamp, the Safesoundaudio Tracking Toolbox. Tom works from a custom-built sound booth for super-clean audio.
Nearly all of the material you will hear on Tom’s demos was recorded and produced at Voices On Studio.

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